DIE DIE KETTE – We form partnerships.

“Kette” is the German word for “chain”. Like a strong link in a high-quality chain, we are a link in your successful business concept. Our 20 years of experience in designing, producing and selling necklaces, jewellery and lifestyle accessories not only qualify us to provide jewellery-related services – we also offer ourselves as a long-term partner for individual projects. For TV sales, mail order businesses, wholesalers, online sellers or jewellers: DIE KETTE Schmuck und Lifestyle GmbH & Co. KG is so much more than just an “accessory”. For more than two decades, we have been successfully supporting leading retailers and well-known brands. We would be happy to place our energy and experience at the disposal of your enterprise and to let you, too, profit from our know-how.

At our headquarters in the town of Pforzheim in Germany – also known as the “Goldstadt” (gold town) – generations of the company DIE KETTE have been studying, and working with, jewellery and art – the things that raise the quality of our lives. Our work at DIE KETTE is guided by our passion for tasteful jewellery that is in keeping with the times.

Our expertise and our passion are focused on ranges of necklaces and complementary pieces of jewellery. There are no limits in terms of alloy, materials and individuality. Our fully comprehensive services, including our consulting services, encompass the entire value chain and can be provided to support you throughout the process of developing not only a customised range of jewellery, but also a goal-oriented sales strategy. In this way, we forge deep and lasting connections based on mutual trust.

An enthusiasm for beauty and aesthetic design is very noticeable in each one of our staff members. In combination with our years of expertise and the fact that we always keep up with national and international market activity, this forms the basis of our company’s philosophy: uncompromising quality and reliable service based on passion and skill.