DIE KETTE – Exclusive jewellery in tune with your wishes and ideas

Jewellery represents more than just beautiful accessories. Precious necklaces, earrings of original design, beautiful rings or bracelets are a modern expression of individuality, emotion and lifestyle. Our designers focus on discovering new trends and materials and combining them into a unique piece of jewellery.

DIE KETTE ​​has a comprehensive stock range of basic and trendy collections. These start with a large selection of various classical and modern necklaces, diverse and meaningful pieces of jewellery as well as a fine selection of trendy accessories, to meet your needs and requirements as quickly as possible. Our passion for jewellery is also expressed in creative pieces in which innovative manufacturing methods are used on high-quality materials. From a classic curb chain or a luxurious necklace, long or short, made ​​of gold, bronze or silver, with or without stones, classic or very modern, to colourful Murano glass – there is an infinite number of ways to design a piece of jewellery with loving attention to detail. Create or perfect your ideas and visions with our help!

DIE KETTE – your link

As an analyst and concept provider, DIE KETTE allows you to realise your wishes. We offer you two standard solutions for your sales at the POI that can be customised for your particular requirements. We act as a link between you and your customers, satisfying any need you may have.

Branded label

We invite you to choose from our comprehensive range of necklaces, jewellery and accessories those product lines and individual products that you consider most suitable for your own and your customers’ requirements. DIE KETTE ​​makes it possible for you to offer the collection exclusively under your own brand name. If necessary, we will be happy to place existing trademarks held by us at your disposal. In this way, standard necklaces as well as jewellery and lifestyle accessories can be made available to your customers. To find out more about our established brands, just contact us personally.

White Label (specifically for e-com)

You may not wish to market your label, preferring to keep your options with regard to your sales and target market open. This is why DIE KETTE offers ​​standard necklaces as part of a stand-alone e-com concept, as a white label solution for you to integrate into your existing product environment. The sales- and yield-optimised standard necklaces range can be supplemented, at your choice, either by our jewellery or by our lifestyle range. This will enable you to offer your customers a diverse and valuable standard range of necklaces, lifestyle and fashion jewellery in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, high-grade 925 / – Sterling silver, bronze Ceramik, tungsten, leather and textile materials or stainless steel, providing them with ways to express their personalities using both everyday and high-end luxury jewellery.